Making friends

I have a friend who is new to the United States. He sometimes takes me too literally. For example, he will start messages with “guess what…” My response is “you’re pregnant?” I am well aware that he’s male. He finally understands that I am teasing.

Yesterday’s item that I was supposed to guess involved a man on the train.  He was reading a book called “How to Make Friends.”  I asked if my friend talked to him.  “no.”  Why not?  You know that he’s trying to make friends.  “How do I know that?”  Because the title of his book tells you.  You are also trying to make friends.  Make an effort to interact with others.  It didn’t sink in, I think, because he went on to other topics.

I was talking to a classmate whose children are close to my age.  She was saying that her husband keeps pushing her to make friends.  She doesn’t know where to meet people.  If she goes to the library, no one talks.  If she goes to a bar, she meets the wrong kind of people.  Where does one go to meet friends once your children are no longer in the playdate age group, and aren’t in school?

There comes a point where it’s difficult to meet people.  Life gets in the way.  Other obligations get in the way.  Make an effort to interact.  You never know what’s going to happen.


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