An afternoon off

I had a friend in town this week. He was here for work, so I understand that he can’t play tourist as much as I would have liked. I had held the afternoon for him, but the work schedule just didn’t work out.

I got off work early and took my kids to lunch.

I had the sea bass. It was wonderful. The Brussel sprouts and corn were delicious, too. The sides went home with me and will be my dinner.

Next, we went and got fruit with lime and tajin from the stand in the mall. Mine had coconut, jicama and pineapple. Most of it went home for later, too.

We got our eyebrows threaded. Mine are a little thinner than I usually have, but, they are done.

I went home to put the leftovers away and empty out my car. I finished an audiobook as I pulled onto my street. Perfect timing. I threw out a lot of garbage and reorganized my art supplies and swim gear. I felt accomplished, but the car still needed vacuuming and washing.

I had extra bags of garbage and my friend’s warehouse had an empty dumpster this week, so I dropped the bags off on the way to the carwash.

When I got to the carwash, I couldn’t figure out where the starting point was. I got it and I got a regular wash, went inside to pay and then waited for my car.

I finally figured out that I was waiting in the wrong spot and found that my car had been done for a while.  It was missing the “swim” magnet from the back, and the button for the emergency brake was missing.  Half the staff came out to look for it. The manager found the magnet, and eventually found that the button had been pushed in too far and had been stuck. All was good.

I did get a lot accomplished.  Tomorrow’s list includes putting the stuff back into my car.  I need it for art class.

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