Confirming plans

I had plans with a friend yesterday at 4 pm. I asked last Wednesday if it was still on, and I got a “I’ll confirm later.” This friend has cancelled on me multiple times, or simply hasn’t shown up. I have been burned enough times that I decided I was not about to hold my breath.

I would have thought that I would have heard over the weekend. Nope. Ok, maybe he’s still waiting for his other plans to come through. I waited until 2 pm yesterday before deciding that he really wasn’t going to confirm.

I don’t get it. You pick the date and then you aren’t sure you can make it? You still expect your friend to be waiting to hear from you?

Yes, I could have called to find out what was going on, but he said he’d confirm and I take that at face value. I am learning that I can’t do that with certain people.

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