Farmer’s market times 2

I was up and awake early this morning, so I went into the city to see what was going on today.

I walked around and saw the farmer’s market at civic Center.

When I heard that my daughter was awake, I headed back for her to pick me up. I stopped to get cash, and on my way, I saw a man riding a scooter with two cups of coffee in his left hand. I asked him if he could do it with three cups. He said he could put one on his head if needed. I would have liked to see that.

We headed to the farmer’s market in stonestown. We got breakfast of Porcetta and dumplings. I got the last cup of regular coffee from the coffee tent.

The musician at the market was great. I only got a little clip, but it was worth it.

Such beautiful colors at the market.

We had a great day outdoors and have a ton of fruits and veggies for the week.

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