A day out with my daughter

Yesterday, I was planning a quiet morning at home before a family party in the afternoon.  My daughter got a message that a neighbor was having a giveaway of books and games.  “Take what you want.  Don’t make a mess.  Everything left after 3pm will be given to Goodwill.”  Ok.  We checked it out.  I got a bunch of books.  My daughter got games, books and trading cards.  It was a productive outing.

Around the corner was a noodle house that I wanted to try.  It was small and there was a wait.  It was delicious.


green onion pancakes

seafood and fresh noodles

shrimp and chive dumplings

Radish cakes and sesame cakes

We drove a few blocks to the bookstore.  There was a kid screaming excitedly to go into the “library.”

I got a ticket for the Sept 18 event.

We went home and put our purchases away.  Then we headed off to a family party at the bowling alley.

I scored a 71.

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