A long list and a day off

I got up early today with a long to-do list. I showered and dressed and realized that I hadn’t heard from my kids, who were supposed to be up and moving. Not a good start.

I grabbed the two who were coming with me and we headed out to the first task. Traffic was awful. So I got dropped off with the kid who needed to be there, and the other kid parked the car. Task one, done!

Task two was not so easy. I was trying to get a deposit made, but the ATM decided to go off line. Try again later.

Breakfast went ok. Then home to load the car with recycling. I headed to drop something off with a friend, and the kids headed to the recycling Center. I got a call that the recycling Center was too busy, so we decided to meet at the oil change place.

I stopped at the post office and found that I’d received the check I was waiting for. Still can’t deposit it.

We went to get nails done after dropping off the car. After nails we picked up the car and headed back to the recycling Center. Still crowded, but the stuff got dropped off.

I handed over the keys to the storage unit and went off to deposit my checks. The kids went over there to pick up camping gear before they went shopping.

I finished up my errands with a trip to the library, filled the car with gas and hit the grocery store. I went with a list based on our meal planning, but added a few things. Not bad.

I went home and started dinner and prepped a couple of meals and snacks for week. I got a lot done today, just not in the order I was expecting.

One thought on “A long list and a day off

  1. I know some people like to do things in order i,m like that at times but look at it this way at the end of the day you have got all the things done that you wanted done

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