Layering onto program

I have been following a  podcast by a woman who has lost and kept off 100 pounds.  It makes a lot of sense to me.  As I have said in previous posts.  One step at a time, not doing anything major, but thinking about what you are doing, and layering on where you can.  I started with making sure I get enough water.  Then adjusting my breakfasts.

This week, I added the stairs vs the elevator getting from the parking lot to work.

I am also working on emotional weight.  I had something that was weighing on my mind, that I had control over, so I took care of it this morning.  I felt the relief as I handed it over.  It needed to be mailed, so I handed it to my friend and texted her the address.  I forgot the zip code.  Great.  She is such a great friend that she looked up the zip code for me!  I thanked her so much.  Sometimes the things that you think are huge are small things for others, and vice versa.

I have a small notebook for a todo list.  Making the list on my phone wasn’t working for me.  I needed something more tangible.  The notebook works.  I am switching to a calendar soon.  I can journal and make lists there.  I use google calendar for my events, but the todo stuff works on paper.

Slowly but surely, I’ll get there.


3 thoughts on “Layering onto program

      1. Yes, she LOVES walks. The only problem is she lunges at other dogs. I meet my friend Chris once a week down at Pine Lake. It’s tough because all of the off leash dogs want to come and say hello to her. I have to tell the owners about her lunging. When I take her to the boulevard we don’t run into dogs, but I know someday we will. Thanksfully, the boulevard dogs are on leash.

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