First day of school

My kids are older, but they are still in school. I didn’t bother with first day of school photos, but the early morning chaos in the house is back.

The dogs got used to the summer schedule. They were not awake enough to figure out that it was time to out at the crack of dawn. They moved very slowly and quietly out the door to the backyard. When they were called back in, Doris seemed to have fallen asleep in the doorway. She just stood there and didn’t want to come back in. Molly was very happy to go back upstairs to go back to sleep, though. Doris eventually followed and didn’t even attempt to harass the cats.

The cats were confused because so many people were awake and not feeding them yet. Once I fed them, they went back to sleep, requesting that the lights be turned off.

I wandered off to work in the wagon, intending to get a package delivered to a friend before work, and putting back the camping gear, and a few other errands after work.

I got everything but a trip to the library done after work. It can wait until tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “First day of school

  1. Sounds like a crazy day but probably average for you. I hope I wasn’t the friend you were sending a package to. I hate to add to your busy day.

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