Another long weekend away

I left after work on Tuesday to head to the condo to be poolside for the week and weekend.

The kids helped me bring stuff in to the condo when I arrived.

I settled in with a drink almost immediately.

Homemade whiskey sour. Yum.

I managed to get lunch in before my friends arrived.

We had poolside snacks.

A house guest gift.

There was a candy store in town.

There were a lot of types of candy I hadn’t seen before or hadn’t seen in a long time.

I bought nothing.

There was a cute little gift store.

We found a bookstore in town!

Of course, I found books I didn’t have yet. Again, I bought nothing.

We took the time to get a pedicure.

This guy was parked semi legally near the nail place.

This little one comes by frequently for pets and asking for snacks.

I got several movies watched while I was away. Things I’ve been meaning to see, but I don’t get the chance at home. The Upside. Isn’t It Romantic. Five Feet Apart. The Book Club. Crazy Rich Asians. I am sure I’ll remember what else.

I have another quiet today today, I hope. I’ll post about it later.

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