Bohemian rhapsody sing along

A small group of us went to see Bohemian Rhapsody on the big screen (scoreboard) at Oracle Park on Saturday night. We were trying to get there early, since there were only a limited number of seats available to us. Otherwise, we’d have to sit on blankets on the outfield. No chairs allowed.

We got in line to wait for the doors to open. Security came by asking if anyone had season tickets. Yes! My co-worker shares his with me. We got to avoid the line and got a free t-shirt and a pin. We also got to choose our seats. Win!

We grabbed drinks and snacks and listened to the band who started 25 minutes late. The movie started late, too.  We were glad we brought extra blankets because it was chilly!  I ran into a friend who I wasn’t expecting to see, so that was nice.

Almost at the end of the movie, smoke started coming from a smoke machine under the movie screen.  It was obviously controlled, and we eventually figured out that it was to be used for a laser show.  The people behind us got scared because of the smoke and the fact that no one was evacuating the field, so they left.

Soon after they left, a woman, with security right behind her, came up the stairs next to me and fell up the stairs.  She was rather drunk and complaining about not being able to make it to the bathroom.  Security wouldn’t leave her unattended, and called the supervisor.  He came over and wanted the woman to find her husband, who was out on the field somewhere.  She could hardly walk, how did they expect her to find him?  Security had no idea how to find him.  The woman ended up in the seat behind me.  Suddenly, a teenaged girl comes running down the stairs, “Hey!  Are you ok?  That’s my mom!”  About ten seconds later the woman shouts, “Hey!  That’s my daughter!”  Great.  We’ve identified the parties involved, and found someone to locate the woman’s husband.  The woman started to complain that she had to go to the bathroom still.  “Oh, nevermind.  I already started.”  Wonderful.  Her husband showed up with a bored look on his face.  They attempted to take her to the bathroom, but ended up escorting her from the ballpark instead.  The husband and daughter behaved like this was an everyday occurrence.  No one was surprised.  She did have a wet rear end, though.

There’s always an adventure when I am involved.  At least I wasn’t the one escorted from the park.

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