Summer reading prize and adventures

I joined Summer Stride at the library soon after the program started.  The goal was to read 20 hours this summer.  Well, I finished that in the first week.  I turned my form in yesterday and got my prize, a library tote bag.

I had to complete a little survey.  Did you read more than 20 hours?  Yes.  Did the program cause you to use the library more?  No.  Do you go to programs at the libraries?  Yes.  Any comments for improvements?  Yes, make the form less confusing to fill out.  Random blank lines don’t mean a lot.

After I left the library with my tote bag, I headed off to my meetup group.  It was coffee and chatting to make plans for future meetings.  I had 3 people RSVP for the meeting.  2 of those people showed up, plus 2 who hadn’t RSVP’d.  One man, at the next table, was just there having a drink, so he joined us, too.  He later joined our group online.

It was a productive meeting and we have a couple of events schedule for next week and the week after, with some ideas about what else to do.  And there is an assistant organizer/host volunteered for the job.  He can add events to the calendar and host when I am not available.  I hope to find more people to help out with this in the future.

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