Publishers sabotaging the public library

publishers vs libraries

Publishers will be changing the way that libraries can lend out ebooks and audiobooks.  The above linked article talks about ways that publishers are billing the libraries differently.  It is interesting.  I had always assumed that when a library bought a book, the library bought the book, not rented it.  I guess I was wrong when it comes to ebooks and audiobooks.

One thought on “Publishers sabotaging the public library

  1. Ugh. Just a way to ultimately make more money. It’s no secret ebook sales are down, but that’s crazy to do. I know my library tends to only buy 1 or 2 copies of very popular books, one waitlist I’m on is over 6 months long!!! There was one book I wanted and ended up with the physical copy because there was a month wait on the ebook, but the physical book was at the library! Crazy!!

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