San Francisco pride parade 2019

I got a work email several weeks ago, asking for volunteers to walk in the pride parade. So, I signed myself up, adding a few, knowing that I could probably find people to walk with me.

I had a couple of friends volunteer right away. Then a friend requested adult supervision for her teenager. Sure. Come with me. No problem.  Then one of my friends backed out, along with her coworkers.  And then my aunt asked me to take my cousin.  Great!

Yesterday morning, I set out with my friend’s daughter and met my cousin at a nearby train station.  My friend messaged asking about the weather.  It was great.

We all checked in, got our tshirts and lunch.  The younger girls met new people and made friends.  We stood around and waited.  One of the girls exchanged phone numbers with a friend, but never caught her name.  It seems that they both got the phone numbers wrong.  I didn’t know the mother of the girl, so I can’t help, unfortunately.

There were protesters, so we were delayed over an hour, but we eventually got going.  The walk was wonderful!  All kinds of support and love all the way down the parade route.

After the parade, we were tossed into the crowd of onlookers and party-goers.  A little too crowded for my taste.  We managed to get ourselves to the train station and headed back home.  It was an exhausting but fulfilling day.

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