Most Anticipated Books of Summer

Most Anticipated Books of Summer is another article from the List of lists.

Here are some of the books discussed in the article.

Robert Macfarlane, Underland (W.W. Norton, June 4)

James Polchin, Indecent Advances
(Counterpoint, June 4)

Karen Lord, Unraveling
(Daw, June 4)

T Fleischmann, Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through
(Coffee House, June 4)

Emily Guendelsberger, On the Clock: What Low-Wage Work Did to Me and How It Drives America Insane
(Little, Brown, July 16)

Eve Ewing, 1919
(Haymarket, June 11)

Françoise Gilot and Carlton Lake, Life With Picasso
(NYRB, June 11)

Nicholas Mancusi, A Philosophy of Ruin
(Hanover Square Press, June 18)

Jaed Coffin, Roughhouse Friday
(FSG, June 18)

Catherine Chung, The Tenth Muse
(Ecco, June 18)

Natalia Ginzburg, tr. Minna Zallman Proctor, Happiness, As Such
(New Directions, June 25)

Kate Atkinson, Big Sky
(Little, Brown, June 25)

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States for Young People(Beacon Press, July 23, adapted by Debbie Reese and Jean Mendoza)

Harmony Holiday, A Jazz Funeral for Uncle Tom
(Birds LLC, July)

Adrian McKinty, The Chain
(Mulholland, July 7)

Amanda Lee Koe, Delayed Rays of a Star
(Nan A. Talese, July 9)

Richard Russo, Chances Are…
(Knopf, July 30)

Patrick Coleman, The Churchgoer
(Harper Perennial, July 30)

Kalisha Buckhanon, Speaking of Summer
(Counterpoint, July 30)

Jia Tolentino, Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self-Delusion
(Random House, August 6)

Jess Row, White Flights
(Graywolf Press, August 6)

Sara Stridsberg, tr. Deborah Bragan-Turner, Valerie
(FSG, August 6)

Laura McHugh, The Wolf Wants In
(Spiegel & Grau, August 6)

Olga Tokarczuk, tr. Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead
(Riverhead, August 13)

Rachel Cusk, Coventry: Essays
(FSG, August 20)

Edwidge Danticat, Everything Inside
(Knopf, August 27)


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