Out and about

Yesterday, I was off work. I also needed to move my car for street cleaning before 9am. No biggie. I had to bring a friend to city hall to get her birth certificate, plus I had to go to the library, and pick up the book I’d ordered on Monday. The bookstore opened at ten. So did the library, which I thought opened at 9. Best laid plans. Oh well.

I went to the library first. Closed. So I went back to pick up the friend. We parked near the entrance to the streetcar station and took public transportation to city hall. We had no trouble finding the building. No trouble getting through security. Lots of trouble getting through the hordes of brides and photographers taking wedding photos on the stairs inside city hall. I knew that the office to get the birth certificate was near the place where you get the marriage certificate, so I followed the line of brides backwards.

We filled out paperwork. Waited. Paid and were out of there in record time, birth certificate in hand. Next task is the social security card. Not today, though.

We headed back near where the car was parked and met my daughter for breakfast. I stopped at the bookstore where I had the pre-ordered book waiting for me. Very easy. Walked in, gave my name. Walked out with the book.

We had breakfast at the place where the waitress commented on my book the last time I was there.  My daughter and her friends chatted away.

They headed off to do their own thing.  I went to the library to pick up my holds.  Then I took my mom to her doctor’s appointment and cleaned out my car.

We juggled people and cars to get everyone to dinner and really enjoyed the place my daughter picked for her birthday dinner.  After dinner, they went on their way, and I brought the grandmothers home.

The kids went to a club after I was in bed. I got a text around midnight, letting me know that they didn’t go to the club, and they went home instead.  The line was too long.

One of the friends had left her car in the driveway.  It seems she left her keys in the Uber.  So, the car was in the driveway when I left for work this morning.  I went out so quickly, I didn’t even notice until my daughter called me to tell me the story.


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