Stopping at a green light

On my way to work, there is an intersection with a light.  There is no left turn allowed between 7am and 9am.  A lot of people try it anyhow, though.  There is nowhere to turn to the right.  No street.  No driveway.  It’s a T-shaped intersection.

On my way home, I am headed up the street.  So, at this intersection, the street is to my right, and the no place to go is to the left.

Today, I am about the fourth car back, and the light is green.  We are stopped.  Why?  There isn’t anywhere to turn to the left.  And no one is attempting to go to the street on the right.  What gets me, is that no one is attempting to pass the person in the front.  You’d think that people would be passing on the right?

Eventually, we all moved.  I don’t know what that driver was thinking, especially since the car went all the way up the hill to the freeway entrance, about 2 miles from the intersection.

It takes all kinds, I guess.

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