The Best Summer Books of 2019

The Best Summer Books of 2019 is part of the List of lists.  Here are the books listed in this list.  Duplicated from the other lists.  I liked that one of them assures us that the dog doesn’t die.

1. Orange World and Other Stories, by Karen Russell (out now)

2. Biloxi, by Mary Miller (out now)

3. Disappearing Earth, by Julia Phillips (out now)

4. Searching for Sylvie Lee, by Jean Kwok (June 4)

5. More News Tomorrow, by Susan Richards Shreve (June 4)

6. Fall; or, Dodge in Hell, by Neal Stephenson (June 4)

7. Are We There Yet?: The American Automobile Past, Present, and Driverless, by Dan Albert (June 11)

8. The Yellow House, by Sarah M. Broom (Aug. 13)

9. Inland, by Téa Obreht (Aug. 13)


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