Summer Reading

Here’s another list, Summer Reading, New York Times, from the List of lists.

It seems there are a lot of worthwhile books to read this summer.


  • Cari Mora by Thomas Harris
  • Beyond All Reasonable Doubt by Malin Persson Giolito
  • A Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson
  • All the Lost Things by Michelle Sacks
  • Into the Jungle by Erica Ferencik
  • The Paper Wasp by Lauren Acampora
  • Temper by Layne Fargo


  • Seven at Sea by Erik Orton and Emily Orton
  • The Salt Path by Raynor Winn
  • This Much Country by Kristin Knight Pace
  • In Putin’s Footsteps by Nina Khruscheva and Jeffrey Tayler
  • Lotharingia by Simon Winder
  • Ottoman Odyssey by Alev Scott
  • Volcanoes, Palm Trees and Privilege by Liz Prato
  • Pagan Light by Jamie James
  • See You in the Piazza by Frances Mayes
  • Off the Rails by Beppe Severgnini
  • Monsieur Mediocre by John von Sothen
  • A Year in Paris by John Baxter


  • Ballpark by Paul Goldberger
  • When the Crowd Didn’t Roar by Kevin Cowherd
  • The World’s Fastest Man by Michael Kranish
  • The Cost of These Dreams by Wright Thompson
  • The Great American Sports Page edited by John Schulian
  • Sprawlball by Kirk Goldsberry

True Crime

  • Murder by the Book by Claire Harman
  • Where Monsters Hide by M. William Phelps
  • City of Omens by Dan Werb
  • The Five by Hallie Rubenhold
  • The Belle of Bedford Avenue by Virginia A. McConnell
  • Norco ’80 by Peter Houlahan


  • William S. Burroughs and the Cult of Rock ‘N’ Roll by Casey Rae
  • This Searing Light, The Sun and Everything Else by Jon Savage
  • More Fun in the New World by John Doe with Tom DeSavia
  • CSNYby Peter Doggett
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young by David Browne
  • Chamber Music by Will Ashon


  • The Hunger by Alma Katsu
  • Little Darlings by Melanie Golding
  • Song for the Unraveling of the World by Brian Evenson
  • The Nestby Gregory A. Douglas
  • When Darkness Loves Us by Elizabeth Engstrom
  • The Laws of the Skies by Grégoire Courtois
  • Inspectionby Josh Malerman
  • Flight or Fright edited by Stephen King and Bev Vincent

Historical Fiction

  • The Daughter’s Tale by Lucas Correa
  • Mistress of the Ritz by Melanie Benjamin
  • The Spies of Shilling Lane by Jennifer Ryan
  • A Bend in the Stars by Rachel Barenbaum
  • The Red Daughter by John Burhham Schwartz
  • American Princess by Stephanie Marie Thornton
  • Paris, 7 A.M. by Liza Wieland


  • Zaitoun by Yasmin Khan
  • Black Sea by Caroline Eden
  • My Mexico City Kitchen by Gabriela Cámara
  • Indian(-ish) by Priya Krishna
  • Vietnamese Food Any Day by Andrea Nguyen
  • The Modern Cook’s Year by Anna Jones
  • Love & Lemons Every Day by Jeanine Donofrio
  • Franklin Steak by Aaron Franklin and Jordan Mackay
  • Simple Cake by Odette Williams
  • Dappled by Nicole Rucker
  • Happiness is Baking by Maida Heatter
  • In Pursuit of Flavor by Edna Lewis with Mary Goodbody

The Great Outdoors

  • A Way to Garden by Margaret Roach
  • The Kitchen Garden by Alan Buckingham
  • Pruning Simplified by Steven Bradley
  • Beginner Gardening Step by Step
  • Wings in the Light by David Lee Myers
  • Blooms
  • The Tree Book by Michael A. Dirr and Keith S. Warren
  • The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
  • The Secret Wisdom of Nature by Peter Wohlleben
  • Sprout Lands by William Bryant Logan
  • How to be a Good Creature by Sy Montgomery

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