Silent book club, 6/23

I arrived at silent bookclub a little early. I was greeted a half block away by a group of naked people trying to legalize nudity on the street. It’s always something.

I wandered down to The Booksmith to continue my independent book store crawl.  It was wonderful.  The books were organized in a way that made sense.  Every book that I looked for was right where I expected it to be.  Thankfully, though, they have The Bindery just up the street to hold their author talks and other events.

I got to choose my own chair for silent bookclub, while waiting for the others.  There was an author there who was talking to The Bindery’s employee about carrying his book, Run Wild by David Covell.  They did have it in stock.  During the conversation, the inevitable question “What are you reading?” came up.  The author was reading “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” and the employee had just finished it.  I got the look when I mentioned that I had it on hold at the library.

The author handed me a copy of his book to look through, after he asked if I do Goodreads reviews.  I was happy to read and review it.  He was looking around at the books in the store, and asked me what I was reading.  He recommended Frankenstein to me, and was surprised that I hadn’t read it.  I taught him about the PBS The Great American Read, and he asked which one ended up being number one.  I recommended To Kill a Mockingbird, and he was embarrassed to have never read it.  He threw back Call Me by Your Name, telling me about the author being a straight man and how much he’d loved the book.  I tossed in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and we went on to reading silently.

I got a library book finished, and the book that was handed to me.  I got a good chunk of Kept read, and a couple of chapters of Mrs. Everything.  It was a productive couple of hours.


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