What do you prefer?

readers prefer physical books

According to the above article, readers still prefer paper books to ebooks and audiobooks.

I tend to read ebooks because I can carry multiple books with me without it being too heavy.  Audiobooks are exclusively for the car.  Paper books are for at home with the full light on.  I do all three, but I think I prefer the ebooks.  Besides the fact that I can carry so many books with one small device, I don’t need my reading glasses because I can adjust the font size.  And it’s backlit so I don’t need the light on to read in bed.

I see so many people argue over this.  Each type of book has its own set of pros and cons.  It isn’t worth the argument.  It’s personal preference, in my opinion.  What is your preference?


5 thoughts on “What do you prefer?

  1. I love both ebook and physical book. I tend to like to read more popular books in physical formats so I can share them with those around me. That’s my only complaint with the Kindle is I can’t share books!

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      1. go to amazon.com/myk and go to content. Find the book, and there is a menu next to it, to the left of the screen. In the menu there is the option “Loan this title.” Not every title is able to be loaned, but the majority of them are. Type in your friend’s Amazon email address, and there you go!

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