Hating an ARC

I now have 4 authors who ask me to read and review their ARC books.  One, I recently started reading, having never read any of her previous books.  I absolutely hated the book.  It wasn’t a genre I usually read, and at about chapter 4, I realized that I wasn’t ever going to finish the book.

Part of what bothered me what that she had sent me a quick excerpt of the book, before it was published, and I emailed her back with a couple of typos to correct.  She did not correct them, and published them as is.

I had a hard time with the typos in the book, and I had a few other complaints, but decided to not stress myself out.  I have to move on and read things that aren’t going to cause me stress.

My next step is to decide if I am going to email to be taken off the ARC list for her, or just be thrown off for not meeting deadlines.  I can pretty much guarantee that I won’t be reading any more of her work.

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