Checking things off my list

I remembered to bring my swim things yesterday morning, including the things that I forgot to put in the bag last night. I grabbed my swimsuit and clothes to wear to a graduation party tonight, also. I changed purses so I almost forgot my work keys, but didn’t.

I looked up the times of the movie that I plan to see tonight for $5 Tuesday, since it’s near the gym that I will be swimming in tonight, before the party. I looked up directions to the theater, the gym, Whole Foods, and the location of the party.

I finished writing some older blog posts that have been sitting there waiting to be published.

I also unintentionally ruined the ending of Where the Crawdads Sing for a coworker. I’ve been so good with my poker face, and I knew she had been twenty pages away from finished when she went into the break room to read. She came out and put the book in her locker and announced that she wasn’t expecting that to happen, so I assumed she’d finished. So I asked a question. She hadn’t finished! Oh no.

I managed to remember to get to an ATM before heading across the bridge to get closer to where the party will be. ATM was broken, so I needed to find another.

I struggled through a little traffic and arrived at the movie theater fifteen minutes after the movie started. I decided to go to the one that started after that one. Only front row seats. Ok. No movie today.

I took myself to a late lunch at Koja. Then went and picked up the cake and bread for the party. I arrived early for the party, and it was very nice to sit and chat a bit before it got going.

I don’t think that I got everything on my list done, but, the important stuff got done.

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