Changing my Oasis cover

When I got my oasis, in September, I loved it.  I wanted to protect it as best as I could.  I went searching for a cover.  I found this cover that totally suits me.  It was about $18 at the time.  That was about what they were running, then.  Not much cheaper.

Since I was going on a trip and I planned on reading poolside, I decided that I should find a cover that I don’t really care about, so it wouldn’t get ruined.  I found two cases for under $5 each.  I ended up not changing them out, since I really love the cover that I originally got.  You can see that the edges are a tad worn, but I’ll wait until it’s beaten up a little more before changing it out.  The brand new covers are in a spot where I won’t lose them when it’s time for a change.

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