Why Daily Writing is Important

(daily writing)

I write daily. I don’t finish writing daily, so I don’t always post daily. The article linked above is talking about journaling more than what I do.  I write as a way to process what is going through my head.  Sometimes it’s worth sharing, sometimes it’s not.  Sometimes I share what’s not worth sharing.  But, I am still processing what I am up to.

I saw Tayari Jones speak at Bay Area Book Festival, day 2.   Part of her advice to writers is to not write daily, because if you aren’t out there living your adventures, you will become a boring writer.  I thought this was wonderful advice.

I make more time for living than for writing.  Some days, I write and share a lot.  Some days I write a little.  Some days, I don’t write at all, just edit.  I post older thoughts on those days.  It’s all therapeutic for me.  I don’t stress out if I miss a day, though.  I’ll get the thought out eventually.

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