City lights bookstore

(City lights) bookstore is one of the most well-known bookstores in my area. It’s way down near where Chinatown meets North Beach, and getting to it is difficult, unless you’re going by public transportation and walking.

Last week, I had time to go check it out, as part of my ongoing (independent bookstore crawl).

When you get to the front door, there is a sign stating that you can read there 14 hours a day.  Grab a book and read.  I looked around the store.  Every bit of space is used to hold books.  Even going down the stairs, there are books on either side.  There weren’t very many places to sit and read, even though the store encouraged it.

Downstairs holds a lot of books.  Non Fiction, travel, fantasy, etc, etc.  Every shelf has a different theme or genre.

The main floor holds the cash register, and a very helpful employee.  When I had finished browsing, I went to him to find the book I needed for an upcoming bookclub read.  It was right where I was looking, but at knee level.  He found it in about two seconds.

Going up a couple of stairs brings you to the fiction area.  It’s almost overwhelming to look at all of the titles.  Upstairs is poetry.  I didn’t make it up there, since I only had a half hour on the meter.

I would go back again to browse when I have more time on the meter, or when I am on public transportation.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by all of those books.

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