Another long day

I took the day off to attend a funeral. I was running through my to-do list for the week while I was waiting until it was time to go. I located a pop up shade for our upcoming camping trip. I made a vet appointment for Molly. I remembered that I needed to pay tuition for the kids for summer and fall. I remembered to pay an installment payment for a concert for my daughter to attend later in the year. Phew. A lot done before the day’s agenda even started.

I got to the viewing early and got to catch up with family. I was talking to my cousin and she was mentioning that she had bookclub tonight. We were talking about books and suddenly I realized that I had bookclub tonight to. I finished the book a while ago.

After the funeral was the reception. More catching up with family. I sent the kids to shop for the potluck that we were having after our first final. I have felt like I have been juggling too many things the whole week. I had to ask for help from the kids, or crack. They came up with drinks and cups for the potluck. Perfect. Same thing for tomorrow night’s final potluck.

Before heading to class, I remembered that I needed a potluck item for bookclub. 7-11, here I come! Package of cookies it is!

At bookclub, I finally settled down for the day. We discussed logical family. And a variety of other issues relating to what happened in the city and what is happening in the city currently. It was a good discussion.

I got home and started talking about delaying our camping trip by twelve hours. Nope. The kids wanted to go up when we originally planned. Fine. I asked the kids to do the grocery shopping for the trip. They agreed.

I feel better about the week. I’m not so overwhelmed now. I am ready for tomorrow’s final, other than a write up of all my paintings from the semester. I know I’ll manage.

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