Snowball afternoon

Months ago, signed up for a “free” 5K on Friday, with my daughter and 2 of her friends. All three of them are working, it’s going to be raining, and I found out that if I don’t you pick up the packet the day before, they will charge me a $5 fee for the packets and tshirts to eliminate same day pickup. They’ve already charged me $10 insurance for each registration for this “free” 5K.  So that was the end of the 5K.  I was not about to add to my agenda.  Nope.

Tuesday night, right after I fell asleep my daughter comes in to tell me that they shorted us one packet on Molly’s prescription from the pharmacy.  So, I called the pharmacy and asked them to give me the missing packet.  “No problem.  Come in this afternoon.”  I had to add a trip to Walgreen in Westlake to my after work agenda yesterday.  This made the list 3 items long.  Post office, pharmacy, library.  Doable.

My credit card was closed because of fraud last week, and I had to go to the PO Box to get the replacement. When I got there, I found out that my new ATM card was there too.

I tried to activate the ATM card and it told me to contact my financial institution.  So I called them, they forced the activation on the card, and my gas light went on, so I had to get gas before continuing. My ATM card still wasn’t activated, so I added another ATM trip and the gas trip to the agenda.

I still had to go to Walgreens and the library. Nothing bad, just a lot and annoying.  I pulled into the parking lot at the pharmacy, and I realized that we had miscounted at home.  The pharmacy was right.  I went in to tell them.

The ATM was near the pharmacy, so I walked over there.  On the way there, I passed Starbucks, so I went in to use the restroom.  I was hoping I wouldn’t have to ask for the code to unlock the door.  Nope.  I didn’t need it.  Someone helped me out by taping the code there.

I used the ATM card at the bank, and it was all settled.  Phew.  I wandered back to the car and headed to the library.  I found that most of the books that I requested to finish up the ( Books we are glad that mom shared with us) list.

I got home and found that my daughter needed the other card to pay for an upcoming concert.  She attempted to put the card in and it didn’t want to accept it.  We have to try again later.

I finished one of the library books yesterday, and relaxed after the long day.  It’s amazing to me how one short list can turn into a long one.  Thankfully, nothing was overwhelming.

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