Happy mothers day morning

I was out late last night, listening to a friend’s band play. I was going to sleep in today, so the late night wasn’t a big deal.

Somewhere between 2:30 am and 7 am, I heard a cat vomiting. Great. It wasn’t on my bed, so I figured I’d deal with it when I got up to use the bathroom. I kind of stayed asleep when I wandered to the bathroom, keeping an eye out for it. No sign. Odd. On the way back, I found it. Barefoot. Great start to the day. Cleaned up and went back to bed, more awake than I hoped to be.

Next, I got a call from the (vet), telling us we can probably pick up Molly after midnight tonight. We’re waiting for one more blood test result. Thankfully, she’s doing well so far. Stinky gas and jumping on the staff and eating whatever they feed her. Normal.

Then I got a message from a friend who lost her keys last night. I went wandering out in my pjs to look for them. There aren’t too many people I’d go out in my pjs on a Sunday morning for. Didn’t find the keys. Started laundry when I got back home.

I made breakfast for myself. I grabbed leftover steak and two eggs. I went to crack the eggs into the pan and realized that I had grabbed duck eggs. Ok. Roll with the punches. It was still delicious with my tea.

Kid comes down just after I fell asleep for a nap. She’s not feeling well and no one is answering the phone at work for her to call in. Should be a rough shift for her. Poor kid.

The other kid comes down and I hear about the fact that I got into the duck eggs. Oh well.

I’ve eaten. Inky is napping on me. Things are quiet again. I am now debating continuing my nap or reading Daisy Jones and the Six for a bit. I’ll report back later.

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