Forgetting my purse

I got to art class Thursday night and realized that I left my purse at home. I called home and found that I’d left it in the walkway on the way out the door, so I wouldn’t forget it. I stepped right over it, I guess. At least I knew where I’d left it. There wasn’t much I needed in it for class. I might have used my phone charger and I should have had my wallet with me, but there wasn’t anything urgent in it.

I tried to use a new product in class, and I was excited to use it. There weren’t instructions on the package other than look at the website. I went to the website and found that it wasn’t in existence anymore. So I looked up the instructions. Step one: put on your respirator. Ok. End of project. I am not going to mess with that during class. I told my classmate that I might have considered it if I had my wallet with my health insurance card in it. But I didn’t want to expose my classmates to it, either, I suppose.

I have three more classes to finish up my paintings, so I have to figure out what to use instead of the planned product. Or skip it all together. I am definitely not bothering with a respirator.

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