Superiority over non-readers?

A poorly written question from one of the online groups was about the feelings of superiority readers have when they talk to non readers.  The questioner asked about if every person who reads feels superior to those who don’t.

Most of the responses were asking for clarification on this, asking the poster where he got this idea.  At least those of us who discuss the books online don’t have feelings of superiority.  I mostly get “I’m in awe” or “how do you find time to read?” comments from non-readers.  My typical response is that I am not really doing anything special.  I am just turning off the tv and reading instead.  Or filling wasted time, like when waiting in line, or waiting for something to start, with reading material.  If anyone thinks about his day, he’d know where his free time is.  I fill that free time with books.  That free time has to be filled with something, even if it’s staring into space.  I’d rather use it.  It’s not a superior feeling.  Just making use of time.

I’ve been told that my talk about books is intimidating to non readers.  I mostly read because I enjoy it.  I don’t necessarily read for knowledge.  I understand that it is good for your brain, but it just a different way to process the entertainment information.  It’s more active than watching television, but, really, some of the stuff I read is the book equivalent of a television sitcom.  I read mostly fiction, with a few autobiographies and some other nonfiction tossed in.  Other than spelling and grammar, I don’t really think most fiction books teach much.  Maybe some historical fiction books could, but, it’s still fiction.

(Here )is an article by a writer who learned from reading 50 books a year for 7 years.  The things that were learned weren’t necessarily the things that were in the books, but that a lot of things can’t be learned in a book.  Great.  But I read to entertain myself.  I also read to challenge myself.  Can I read this many books in a year?  Sure.  Let’s give it a shot.

So, feelings of superiority?  That’s definitely not me.  I am aware of what I don’t know.  I just don’t talk about it.  Or, maybe I do.  I let you talk about the things I don’t know about.  It’s how we learn.  I can talk about other things than books, but it’s mostly what I do.  It could be any of my hobbies.  It’s just that books are something a lot of people can relate to.  Even if they are non readers, they know what a book is.

3 thoughts on “Superiority over non-readers?

  1. Agreed. In fact, I often get a sense that my nonreading friends are having a hell lot more adventures (something my stay-in-and-read self is totally okay skipping) because they choose a different way to spend their spare time.


  2. I feel like books are just another way of entertaining myself. Instead of watching a TV show, I’ll read (or vice versa depending on my mood). Traveling? Oh heck yes, time to catch up on a lot of reads 😂😂. It’s my unwind before bed time too. That’s kind of a crazy question!! Interesting post!

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