Bay Area Book Festival, day 2

(Bay Area Book Festival) article about the festival

When I heard the lineup for the festival, I thought of my mom when I saw that Cathy Guisewite was speaking. So, I got her a ticket and planned to bring her for the Sunday portion.

We headed off on the train early in the morning, with plans to stop at Starbucks at the mall when we changed trains. We forgot that today is Sunday, and the mall opens a little later.

Tayari Jones and Esi Edugyan spoke about their work. They are similar enough to talk together, but different enough to be interesting. I truly enjoyed their talk. I found it funny that Tayari Jones spoke about not writing every day, because if you do, then you aren’t living your life as fully as you can. I touched on this earlier this week when I wrote about (Getting an assistant). I totally agree. Doing your own stuff keeps it interesting. It allows you to write about your adventures. I felt validated.

Half price books was our stop after lunch. I only allowed myself to purchase one book. And it was smaller than the book I handed off to my cousin, so, I am feeling like I am allowed to add to my book stack. Give one, get one? I looked at the Bronte books, but didn’t touch.

This is the portable train set from the kid area. I found it interesting.

Cathy Guisewite was the last writer we heard from. She was interviewed by Leah Garchik, who is an amazing writer on her own. I enjoyed it, but I had to move into the sun.

We started to head home. Mom had to stop for kettle corn. We got on Bart and made all of our train connections. We transferred at the mall, and stopped at the restroom where a “gentleman” decided that I needed to be told exactly what he’d like to do to me, which was not repeatable. He was Klassy. With a capital K. My response. “Thanks! Have you met my mom?” He was rather confused, but undeterred. It entertained me. Mom was a tad confused, but she should be used to me by now. We got into the train station, figuring he wouldn’t follow us because of security. He didn’t.

We got home safely. Without our Klassy friend.

I have books to add to my to be read (tbr) list. I’ll get to them one of these days.

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