Post #500, I think

The blog site counts my published posts.  For some reason, though, the number fluxuates.  It told me last week that I had over 500, so I didn’t bother with a documentation post.  Today, it tells me that I have 499 before this post.  So, I’ll document.

I decided that no one really is counting, and if you have the time and energy to count each post, great.  Go for it.  More power to you!  I’ll get my assistant right on that.  I also don’t count as many, since I had posts on the blog I started before this one, but it didn’t have followers.

I have several draft posts started.  I add to them as I come up with topics.  When I first started writing, I thought that I would have a hard time coming up with them, but there hasn’t been much lull in ideas.  Finding time to finish them, though has been a little more difficult.  I have managed, for the most part to post at least once a day, but usually more likely two or three times.

I enjoy the comments I get, both publicly and privately.  As always, I am glad to have an audience who appreciates me the way I write and tell my stories.

I’ll keep a loose count of the posts.  Very loose.

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