Getting an assistant

I was listening to an audiobook and the author was talking about getting an assistant to help with the mundane things in life. She ended up firing the assistant because the assistant wanted to know everything she was doing. Plus, the author wanted to be in charge of her own life. I get it.

It did get me thinking about what I’d do with an assistant. I was thinking about laundry and dishes, but that’s more like maid responsibilities, so maybe I’ll need one of those, while I’m at it.

Today, I would have had my assistant call the pharmacy to find out why they are telling me that they have been waiting for insurance authorization, then received it, and are asking me to pick up a prescription that I don’t take, and I hadn’t asked for.  I had to make this phone call myself.  I found out that my doctor’s office called it in.  Why?  I don’t know.  So, I had to contact my doctor’s office.  I would have had my assistant email my doctor, only to be told that it’s a generic for another medicine that I don’t take.  Then the assistant could have waited on hold for the twenty minutes it took for the front office to find someone to tell me that the person I was emailing isn’t available.  Then the next person told me it was because I called them on Monday and asked for this prescription.  No.  It wasn’t me asking.  The assistant could have gotten the response I did – we must have had the wrong person’s chart open.  Well, someone out there isn’t getting her prescription, since I seem to have gotten it.  No, I didn’t pick it up.  The pharmacy is voiding the prescription.

I could have also had the assistant get gas for me before work this morning.  I had to go a different way to work, in order to stop at the gas station.  This alternate route put me in the path of double parkers on a one lane street, and eventually behind two accidents before I even got to the freeway.  There were two more accidents on the freeway, but I would have been stuck behind them, anyhow.

I wouldn’t have had to stop to take the paint out of my car so that my daughter could use it at class tonight.  When I brought it in, I remembered that I needed to have a hole in a pair of pants sewn.  I went back in and brought it to be repaired.  An assistant could have done that for me.

The assistant could have returned library books for me, so I wouldn’t have had to listen to my car alert me to the fact that my books were not wearing their seat belt in the passenger seat of the car.  Also, I had library books to be picked up.  I wouldn’t have had to have taken the time to get them.

I could have the assistant take my second car in to get its tire repaired.  Also, the car is full of bags of cans for the recycling center and cardboard to be broken down and taken to my friend’s recycling bins.  Then all the cars could be washed and vacuumed without me thinking about it much.

The assistant could have paid my daughter’s parking ticket before the due date, so I wouldn’t have to pay a late fee.  I paid this ticket because it was partially my fault that she got the ticket, and very much my fault that I forgot to pay it.

Other bills that the assistant could have paid would have been my renter’s insurance and the renewal of the dog license for one of the dogs.  Also, the other dog needed a vet appt for her annual shot.  So the assistant could have made the appointment and taken her.  Then paid her license fee.

The other bill the assistant would have to pay would be his or her own paycheck.  I suppose I would have to pay this person to do all my mundane tasks.  Also, I would have many fewer adventures if the assistant was doing my life admin for me.  I guess the idea of the maid would have to go, since the assistant plan is going, too.

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