Match making at the nail salon

I got a mani pedi with my daughter on Friday afternoon.  It should have been a sanity check because I forgot that it is prom season.  Thankfully, we got in and started before school got out.

We finished our pedicures and were moved into the overflow room for the manicures.  The woman at the table across from us was having a very loud discussion with her technician.  They have obviously known each other a long time.

  • Woman:  So, how is your brother doing?  How’s his wife?  Does he have kids?
  • Technician:  Oh, my brother never married.  He’s single.
  • W: oh?  Is he waiting for me?
  • T:  Maybe?  You always got along so well.  He could be waiting for you.
  • W:  Oh, we haven’t been single at the same time.  It just wasn’t meant to be.
  • T:  Well, you’re single now.  So is he.
  • W:  We couldn’t even cook together.  I cook soul food.  He cooks Vietnamese.
  • T:  So?  You can alternate cooking.  Everyone’s happy.
  • Me:  Oh, come on.  Ask for his number already!
  • My daughter:  Oh my God, Mom.  (as she tries to melt into the floor with embarrassment)


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