I had tickets for the Giants game for today, but my daughter ended up scheduled at work, so she couldn’t go with me. My cousin’s wife agreed to go with me. Yay!

I picked her up and off we went.  We were almost there and realized that we didn’t have sunblock.  Oops.

We got into the lot, no problem.  Got through security and ticketing, and realized it was a giveaway day.  Bags.  Perfect for carrying stuff in to future games.

We got lunch and headed to our seats.  It wasn’t too hot yet.  Around the fourth inning, it was hot.  We took a walk for a snack and wandered back to the seats.  We had cooled off enough to hit the end of the game.  Unfortunately, the Giants lost, but we got to spend time together, so it was a nice afternoon.  Despite the sunburn and the team’s loss.

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