What’s in the box?

I went to dinner and a movie with my cousin tonight. On the way to the theater, we dropped in to visit her wife at work. She is a pastry chef teacher and sent me home with a box of goodies.

I carried the box to purchase the tickets at the theater. The register locked up, so we had to wait for the tickets. We were early, so it was fine.

I carried the box to wander around the courtyard outside the building. I carried it up to the theater and to our seats. It sat in my seat when I went to the restroom. I briefly thought about opening it and seeing what was in it before the movie, but I didn’t think I could tie the box again. It waited patiently for us to finish our movie (Captain Marvel).

The box sat quietly on the table while we ate dinner. It sat on the seat next to me on the train while I was headed home. I found myself talking to myself on the train, and the guy near me decided it was in his best interest to move a few seats away. The box didn’t care. A gentleman decided that he needed to punch the windows in the train. I think he was trying to steal my thunder.

The box and I walked home. I did a few chores and my daughter cut the string.

Beautiful pastries. I am thankful for my family. The outing with my cousin was well worth it, with or without the box.

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