My brother, my brother, and me

Months ago, my daughter got tickets for us to attend a live podcast. It happened to be during spring break, so it was perfect.

I don’t actually follow this particular podcast, but the McElroy brothers do several podcasts that I do follow. I love Sawbones and Shmanners. I occasionally listen to Adventure Zone. Adventure Zone was recorded last night, and until last week, that’s what I thought we had tickets to see.

We arrived early and I was working on reading my ARC. My daughter looked at me, wearing my glasses and was confused. I don’t wear my reading glasses often. I showed her what I was reading, and she squinted at it, since the print was so tiny. I explained that because it was a PDF that I couldn’t adjust the font size easily. She spent time trying to show me how to do it. She realized that it wasn’t easy, like I said, and went back to what she was doing.

People watching was great. There were several people dressed as characters from other podcasts. Cosplay. When the show was about to start, Paul the sound guy/assistant got the loudest round of applause.

The announcement was made to take off any cosplay hats and to turn the sound off on our phones. Then to not record, but photos were ok. Then they announced that they were going to record Sawbones and Shmanners, too! I was thrilled.

Sawbones about wine.

Shmanners about Mr Rogers.

Clint McElroy introducing the brothers

The brothers about to take questions.

My photos didn’t come out well, but I was so excited. I laughed so hard. It was so much fun! I am curious to hear the edited version when it’s published.

It was a fun night and I hope they come back again soon. They were headed to Salt Lake City for today’s show.

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