Emergency vet trip

We were enjoying a quiet Sunday at home. The dogs were chasing us back and forth up and down the hall and up and down the stairs.

Suddenly Molly yelps and starts limping. One of her toenails is bleeding. Of course, it’s Sunday and the vet is closed.  Off to the emergency vet, 25 minutes away.  I had to stop to grab the insurance paperwork while the kids managed to get Molly down the stairs and into the car.

Molly was so excited about seeing all the people and dogs at the vet.  She was running around just fine until she started jumping.  Then yelping and limping happened.  Molly was a sport about waiting for the vet.  She was less than thrilled about anyone touching her toe.  We agreed to have her sedated and have the toenail removed.  It’s going to be a while before the nail is back, but she will be fine.

Molly is a little groggy still, but she’ll be fine.  She already has her appetite back, but not her energy level yet.  I’m sure she’ll be jumping around soon enough.

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