Identifying the cat

My cats are pretty good at waking me up. It’s usually dark when they attempt it, and I can’t always figure out which one needs attention.

They have very different personalities, so it’s usually easy unless I’m fully asleep when they attempt it. They usually each have a different reason for waking me.

Mini is shy, generally. She’s not a big fan of people at all. She doesn’t quite tolerate me, but sometimes I’m acceptable. She loves my mom, so she’ll go to mom first if she can. If mom’s not available, she might come to me. She stands at the end of the bed and just pokes her eyes and ears up to see if I’m awake. This works if I’m not asleep. If I am, and Mini needs attention, I feel little feet tapping my feet gently. Then she will walk around me to come up to my head to stare at me, close enough that her whiskers tickle my face, until I open my eyes. Then she plays charades to tell me what she wants. It’s usually that she’s cold or hungry, or to complain that Mom’s not around.

Mini’s other technique is to stand in the hallway and scream a really strange song that my kids refer to as “conjuring Grandma.” That one is just for needing company. No one but my mom can satisfy her, so we ignore it. Mom also has the trick of looking at the cats feet in the dark. Mini has white feet and you can sometimes see them in the dark.

Inky isn’t as shy or timid. I can be sound asleep and suddenly have a cat land on my bladder. She’s not little, either. If I’m awake, I can hear her coming. It sounds like a herd of elephants thumping their way down the hallway, then jumping on the bed. Sometimes, she doesn’t get the running start and just stomps on my feet and legs to get up to a spot that is comfortable for her. This isn’t as much of a problem now that my foot has mostly healed from the surgery.

Inky lets me know immediately what she wants. If she settles down right away, she wants a nap buddy. This is usually what she wants, so that’s easy. If she’s trying to get under the blanket with me, she’s cold. If she’s trying to stick her face in mine, she’s trying to get attention. If she just jumps on me and then runs back out, she’s hungry.

Just like my kids, these two cats have very different personalities. The household wouldn’t be the same without them.

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