Which door will you open?

When I first saw this, I looked through and identified each of the doors.  I was surprised that I knew where each of them belonged.  I thought hard about each place and decided where I’d like to visit.  And why I wouldn’t like to visit some.

Narnia…. Too cold, not a fan of Turkish delights

Hogwarts… I’d love to visit, but I’m well aware that I am a muggle and probably wouldn’t be able to participate. (I am disappointed that my phone didn’t have muggle in it’s list of words. I had to add it so the spellchecker would allow it.)

Wonderland… This would probably be my choice. With the way my brain works, I’d fit right in with that crazy.

Camelot… I am a fan of indoor plumbing. Unless they have modernized it, I doubt it would be my first choice

Neverland… while my girl, Tinkerbell, is there, and I’d love to visit her, going to where kids go when they pass away isn’t appealing.

Westeros… The only one of the doors that I don’t know much about. I don’t watch the series, and I haven’t started the books yet. The first 4 are in my book stack.

Middle earth… too granola for me.

Hyrule…  Too many hidden items and puzzles.  Too much thinking.  No relaxing.

Mushroom kingdom… My knees can’t take all that jumping

221B Baker Street…  Too many murders and other crimes happen near there.  Too scary.

Dumbledore… Not a door. Probably not a good thing to open

Tardis… I get lost stopping for gas and heading in the right direction again..  I can’t imagine where I’d end up if I had vertical movement and time added to my directions.

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