Friday evening

I clocked out and started walking to the parking lot after work today. The nurse from employee health caught me. Apparently she’d been leaving messages for me to get my TB test done by the end of the month or I wouldn’t be able to work after April 1. No one told me! I got my test done so it’ll be read on Monday morning. Phew! Close call.

I went to the grocery store to get dinner ingredients for my daughter. I stopped for lunch. I went home and did a few chores. I decided that putting on pajamas was a wonderful idea. The kids and mom were out, so it seemed like a good time to take advantage of the quiet time.

I grabbed a glass of wine and played on the Nintendo Switch for a while once my daughter came home to join me. My nap buddy helped out and informed me that it was naptime again.

It’s been a quiet afternoon/evening. I have come to appreciate the quiet times. I think that I’ll be reading as soon as naptime is over.

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