I had my midterm for my PE class last week. Passed, no problem. Tonight was the midterm for my acrylic painting class. This semester, we were assigned six paintings, plus we had three extras to do. I have finished one painting. It was one of the extras.

The reason I’m behind is that I missed class for two vacations. One day for Vegas. Two days for my cruise. I was sick one day, and I missed the day of my dad’s funeral. Plus, I don’t like to paint at home because I have four legged help. Also, I spend time talking to my classmates. Big surprise there.

The critique of my work went ok. I had the first assignment mostly done, but I didn’t like the assignment, so it became a chore. I got a grade on it, which is all that matters. I finished an optional painting, and was asked to make changes earlier. I made the changes and the teacher asked me to make different changes that made no sense in the painting. So I just nodded along. I got a grade on that one, too. And my third painting, which isn’t finished, looks unfinished. Ok. Yes. Because it isn’t finished.

I did prep work for the next paintings, while my classmates gathered around to check in on me, and told me I look tired. At least they all agreed on that.

We have next week off school, but I, of course, have plans for most of the evenings that I’m usually in class. I wouldn’t be me if I’m not over scheduled.

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