Meeting Willie Mays

We went to dinner with my uncle last night.  He was telling a story about being in Pac Bell Park, way back when.  He and his late wife had luxury box seats.  He ran into the bathroom and suddenly he hears his wife yelling into the bathroom that he needs to hurry up because he needed to meet someone.  He asked who, and his wife told him that she didn’t know, but he looked important.

My uncle rushed out of the bathroom and found that it was Willie Mays.  He went over to shake his hand.

My first question?  Did you wash your hands on the way out of the bathroom?  Yes, he had.  Good, because shaking hands with unwashed hands makes me cringe.

Thankfully, my uncle realized why I asked.  My mom looked at me like it was an odd question to ask.  I think she missed the part that he had been in the bathroom.  My brain kicked the question to my mouth, so I had no choice but to say it.

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