Get your nose out of my eye

Today was a long day. I had to get up early to move my car for street cleaning. We had the rosary for dad last night and stayed up too late at my aunt’s house for dinner afterward.

I was supposed to go get a tire repair on one of the cars, but I decided that it would wait. I was just too tired.

I went back to bed and read for a bit, then I played on the Nintendo Switch with my daughter. We both decided that it was naptime eventually.

I had tickets to the Giants game tonight, but it was raining. My other daughter was going with me. We decided to head over to find out what was going on. We sat in the car for a while.

It started raining harder. I texted my friend who was working inside the ballpark. She said to come in, but thought that maybe the game would be cancelled, since the tarp was still on the field. Eventually, the game was officially rain delayed. My daughter and I waited until the game was delayed 45 minutes before giving up. It was still raining when we left.

We may have stayed if we didn’t have so much going on. We picked up my daughter’s friend on the way home, since she was spending the night.

We settled in for the night after having a group participation game of finding my phone. The kids went to bed and I settled in, too. I was almost asleep when my bed buddy decided that she needed to sleep, too. She was over enthusiastic as usual. We had an argument about exactly how close to my face she could sleep. We finally compromised on nose near my eye, not in it. I suppose it’s better than the rear end in my nose.

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