My interactions with my neighbors

Last week, on my way to jury duty, I ran into one of the neighbors down the street. She offered condolences to the family, and her dog decided to give me a break and not bark at me for a change. We commented on the fact that the house that had been in disrepair for years is finally getting work done to it. All good, we parted.

Later that day, I was coming home from class and one of my neighbors a few doors down came running up to my car window. He was waving frantically. “I’m sorry I flipped you off, but I thought you were someone following me home from work. I thought he took an uber. Then I recognized you. I’m so sorry.” Um, ok. I didn’t even know he flipped me off.

Three days later, on my way to class, a different neighbor came running up to the car. “I need to know what the round swim circle on the back of your car does.”

Well, it doesn’t really do much, except stick there. It’s a magnet. It says swim because I swim. “Oh? It’s for actual swimming? Ok” and he went back in the house.

I go weeks without interaction with most of my neighbors. Two of them decide to go crazy in one week?

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