Are you lost or are you hunting Pokemon?

The signage at work is awful, so we find people lost all over the building.  All day long, people wander in and ask for directions.  Sometimes they just wander randomly, looking lost and someone will point them in the right direction.

Today, as I was leaving, there was someone wandering around, looking lost.  Then I saw that he was looking at his phone.  It almost looked like he was playing Pokemon Go.  I was about to ask him if he was lost or looking for Pokemon in the hospital.  He walked away, looking like he figured it out, so I didn’t bother.

By the time I hit the door, his phone rang.  I heard him say, “oh, I’m on the first floor.  Where are you?”  He ran off toward the elevator before I could tell him that he wasn’t on the first floor, he was on the ground floor.  Like I said, the signage is horrible.  I hope he wasn’t lost for too long.

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