Book signing – Era of Ignition, by Amber Tamblyn

I saw the email about the book signing and bought a ticket the moment I realized it was on a day I was free.

I arrived early, received my book and got something to drink at the bar. I sat down to start reading. A young woman eventually sat next to me. She started talking non stop. I know all about her. I told her about readings at the main library, and about silent bookclub.

The reading started. It was very comfortable, like a gathering of friends. After the reading was a q&a period. Jack Hershman was introduced and the author’s family.

After the q&a period, the signing started. The woman who had been sitting next to me decided to drag the gentleman behind her into the conversion. He learned about how Muni is the cheapest form of entertainment in the city.

As I got close to the front of the line, I started getting nervous as I do when I’m one on one with a new person. At least I was semi warmed up after talking with the two people near me in line. I hand the book to Ms. Talbot and she asks my name. She writes in the book, I look, and I open my mouth and “Oh! You spelled it right. You can’t work for Starbucks now.” comes out of my mouth. She looked at me blankly for a second then laughed and said, “Oh, that’s funny.” She handed me my signed book as I wandered off dying from embarrassment.

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