Jury Duty

I got called for jury duty one week before my cruise. I delayed it to the middle of this month. When I scheduled it, I didn’t realize that so much would be going on this week. I can only delay once, so I had to go today.

I was supposed to work the morning before reporting for jury duty, but I woke up this morning and realized that I would have to drive an hour to work only an hour, then drive back an hour to catch the train to get there.

I missed the first train to get there. So, by the time I got to the station where the courthouse is, I only had fifteen minutes to find the room. The problem was, the buildings there are not numbered logically. I went to the wrong building first.

By the time I got out of the wrong building and located the right one, I had seven minutes to get through security and find the right room and check in. My watch decided that it was going to beep at the metal detector.

I checked in on time, then had to wait 45 minutes to be escorted into the jury room. The judge did not allow any hardships other than pre paid vacations, in which case you would be rescheduled for some random day, and if you didn’t speak English. Financial hardships were not heard. She did not allow any other reason to be heard.

I am not talking about the case, as ordered. I am just talking about the process.

The questioning began and a couple of people were dismissed. We were to continue the next day.

I arrived the next day, early. I was confident that I wouldn’t be chosen. I answered every question that the lawyers and judges threw at me. There were a few that I would have liked to have answered, but they didn’t ask me. I was starting to very nervous when the judge threw out two people before asking the lawyers to choose. I was the first person that the first lawyer threw out of there.

I am not eligible to be called for another year!

One of my friends messaged me after day one to ask how much reading and writing I’d accomplished. Almost like she knows me.

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