No licking, no dancing

My sleep buddy, Inky, has had her schedule all thrown off. I think it started when I was gone on my trip. I wasn’t there, and she was put on a diet. It got worse when Dad was no longer home. Most nights lately, I have been falling asleep without her help.

Lately she’s been waiting for me to fall asleep and then will climb in bed once I’m settled. She climbs on my chest and starts a tap dance. Then she starts licking my chin. If I put my hand up, she licks that, too.

I move her to a place that’s comfortable for me, but is still touching me. I tell her over and over, “No licking, no dancing, I need room to breathe.” She seems to ignore the words. Eventually, we will both be reasonably comfortable. Last night, she settled in on my belly, holding my hand. It took her ten minutes to get into that position. She stayed there less than five minutes.

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