Using the library

“Do you use your library for anything other than checking out books?”

I love going to the main library.  There is always something going on.  They have movies and lectures scheduled frequently.  I look through the stacks because there are so many books in the big library.  I sit and read where it’s quiet and others are like-minded.  I have taken chess classes there, but my schedule doesn’t work with the days of the classes anymore.

I love taking public transportation there.  There is never parking at the main library, and public transportation provides a show, usually.

They have a free impromptu show going on constantly with a changing cast – the homeless and general crazies who come in out of the cold and wind, and sometimes the heat.   The bathroom, especially, is entertaining.  Someone is always having a conversation there, usually with herself.

I love the used book sales.  I have volunteered for the big one.  I plan on volunteering again sometime.  I just can’t commit to regular days or times.

I tend to use my local library to pick up holds.  I look online for what I want and then request that it be sent to my local library.  I still browse through the books, to see if there’s anything wonderful I am missing.  I rarely leave empty handed.

One thought on “Using the library

  1. I love the library! All throughout college the library was my favorite place to do homework (as opposed to my dorm room, classrooms, or other student study spaces). There’s something about the large bookshelves and quiet atmosphere. This has definitely carried into my life after school, too – I love going to the library when I really need to focus on getting something done. And I always pick up a new book then, too 🙂

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